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Hope technical Developments Ltd designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative equipment for vans and commercial vehicles to the highest quality standards.

Our UK industry standard Hope Safe-T-Bar and Safe-T-Step Light Commercial Vehicle ranges will protect your vehicles and help provide safe, easy access for your drivers. Alongside these The Hope Tool Lift aids lifting, loading and unloading, whilst helping operatives to overcome manual handling difficulties.

Other vital parts of our product range are designed for Heavy Goods Vehicles.  We have been providing Hope Safe-T-Bar rear under-run bumpers for over two decades.  These bumpers , also known as RUPDs (rear under-run protective devices) prevent a vehicle running under the rear of the HGV in a collision.  Hope Scrutineer is another industry leading product designed to check trailer diagnostics quickly and accurately without the use of a trailer, helping you manage your maintenance and costs efficiently and effectively.

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