Safe-T-Bar for LCVs

Available for use on light commercial vehicles our Hope Safe-T-Bar range has been used by commercial vehicles and vans for more than two decades. Its innovative impact absorbing design has aided the protection of light commercial vehicles from low speed rear impact and fork lift damage thus significantly reducing the repair costs and vehicle downtime associated with such incidents. Manufactured in our bespoke on-site facility from the highest quality zinc phosphate before being power coated in black, our Safe-T-Bars provide unrivalled protection against climate and wear whilst delivering a durable non-slip surface to lower the risk of slips, trips and falls from vehicles.  The Hope Safe-T-Bar also aids safe loading and unloading and provides roof rack access.


Safe-T-Bar for HGVs

Building on our excellent track record and expertise, we have continued to invest in the development of Rear Under-run Protection Devices (RUPD) making Hope Technical Developments Ltd one of the market leaders. We’ve designed and produced, type approved, fixed and swing back options.



The Hope safe-T-step is fabricated from mild steel giving greater strength, yet is lighter than most steps on the market.  Unique designs allow for the minimum of overhang whilst providing an extra deep step area with anti-slip, self-cleaning step surface complete with red reflective strip for improved visibility.

We’ve designed Impact Absorbing Safe-T-Steps to help protect vehicles from low-speed rear impact and fork lift damage that significantly reduces repair costs and vehicle down-time.

Hope Safe-T-Steps are processed in zinc phosphate before being powder coated in yellow to provide unrivalled protection against climate and wear. Each Safe-T-Step step area includes a laser cut and shaped grip finish within the steel structure giving the steps a durable non-slip and self cleaning surface that helps reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls from vehicles, aiding safe loading and unloading and also giving better roof rack access.


Hope Scrutineer

A market leading product in the field of commercial vehicle braking, Scrutineer has been expertly designed to ensure ease, accessibility and accuracy when checking trailer diagnostics without the use of a tractor. In addition to its precision, quality and reliability, Scrutineer provides a low cost method for the diagnosis of air leaks, poor brake adjustment, faults in lighting circuits, ABS and EBS faults, and problems with supply circuits meaning you can get access to the bigger picture before issues strike. Scrutineer comes fully equipped with a range of unique features to make identifying and preventing maintenance and breakdown problems easy.


Tool Lift

Aiding lifting, loading and unloading, the Hope Tool Lift helps operatives to overcome the manual handling difficulties that are often encountered during van usage. With the capacity to lift loads of up to 125kg easily, safely and accurately via the side door of leading panel van models, the Tool Lift has been proven to protect workers from injury and prevent van damage thanks to its smooth, simple and controlled operation. The Tool Lift ultimately delivers a one-man winch meaning heavy loads can be transported by a solo delivery driver, allowing fleet managers, dealerships and individual customers to save money on manpower and time.

Our dedicated technicians, design and sales team are proud to consistently provide the best possible service to our valued fleet operators, dealerships, key account customers and of course individual customers.