Side Door Mounted Tool Lift

£872.98 (all prices exclude VAT)

Bulkhead mounted side door


The Hope Tool Lift is designed to lift loads of up to 125kg easily, safely and accurately. The Hope Tool Lift is a safe and simple way to protect and reduce the risk of injury to your operatives, your tools and van as you load and unload heavy equipment. The lift works by a simple winding winch mechanism that can be carefully controlled at every stage by a solo operative. A smooth running winch with spur gearing that provides high efficiency and the automatic load pressure brake prevents the unintentional lowering of the load. The lift can be installed in the van with minimal modification and takes up very little space when stored away, it is lightweight and will have minimal impact on the vehicle payload. The Hope Tool Lift helps you comply with Health and Safety regulations on manual handing and lifting, protecting your workforce in the field and helping protect your company from liability claims.