SC-13010V Scrutineer Van Mounted Model

£3,907.06 (all prices exclude VAT)

Package comprising of:

  • Scrutineer
  • Van Bracket
  • Battery Lead
  • Remote Control Lead
  • Power Pack
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Scrutineer is a world leader in diagnosing air leaks, poor brake adjustment, faults in lighting circuits, ABS and EBS faults and problems with supply circuits.

Scrutineer will help reduce roadside failures and achieve first time MOT passes.

Scrutineer eliminates the need to attach the tractor unit to the trailer.

Trailer inspection becomes a one man job.

Pollution and noise in the workshop is reduced and lower CO2 emissions.

Our close collaboration with the transport industry has resulted in the Scrutineer being highly regarded for its technical excellence.

Over 50% of fleet operators in UK use the Hope Scrutineer, from the smallest operator to major trailer manufacturers.

Scrutineer is a small price to pay for such a huge return in trailer productivity.

Scrutineer is an approved method of quality control for testing new trailers prior to release.

Please note this Scrutineer unit includes parts SC-12913, SC-13005, SC-12931 & SC-13008.