SC-13100 Hope Compact Scrutineer

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The Hope Compact Scrutineer is a portable, re-chargeable 24v trailer tester designed to enable one operator to test complete trailer lighting systems using the 24N and 24S 7pin sockets and to test the ABS and EBS function via the ISO 7638 socket.

The Hope Compact Scrutineer is supplied with 3M leads in a robust lockable weather resistant case and weighs just 9 kgs.

The battery state is constantly monitored, an audible warning will sound to alert the operator that the unit requires re-charging and to prevent the logging of a low voltage fault with the ABS/EBS.

Energy saving relays allow maximum test time before the Hope Compact Scrutineer requires re-charging. If left unattended for longer than 10 minutes the Hope Compact Scrutineer will turn off automatically to save power. The anti lock circuit will remain powered for 60 minutes via the ISO 7638 to allow end of line checks.

Unique auto cycle feature allows the operator to carry out a full lighting circuit check, with the push of one button the Hope Compact Scrutineer will automatically cycle through all the lights.