The Trouble with Truckers’ Toilet Facilities

Drivers Toilet Facilities Whilst here at Hope Technical Developments, our team has been at the cutting edge of fleet technology – being responsible for the introduction of innovative handling and safety equipment in the industry – we understand that there are some age old problems that simply haven’t gone away. A lack of good toilet facilities is one major issue that has been hampering recruitment since our own founder Fred Hope started his own haulage business all those years ago.

Alongside unsociable hours and time away from loved ones, driver toilet facilities have been a major concern for those looking to begin a career in long distance lorry driving and those wishing to continue. But what can be done to quash this long running issue for good by drivers and roadside facilities alike?

Continuing the work of NLW 2015

Toilet facilities for those who call the long distance lorry driving industry their home have always been few and far between, and whilst this year’s National Lorry Week (NLW), which took place in October, worked to combat the issues associated with the health and well-being of lorry drivers and in turn improve quality of life on the road, continuing the work of the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and other NLW organisers is a must as we enter 2016.

The event’s ‘Love the Lorry’ campaign was particularly successful and helped to provide positive progression for the RHA, its members and other drivers throughout the sector.

Improving health and safety for drivers

There are many factors that influence health and well-being for drivers currently taking to roads across the globe to make the haulage sector as successful as it always has been. It’s only human to go to the toilet, and alongside issues with hot water at service stations throughout the UK, the lack of loos with safe parking is a problem. Lorry drivers should not be forced to hold on, reduce their fluid intake or be vilified for using quiet spots as toilets when nature calls. Instead more facilities should be made available so that drivers and communities alike can live in harmony! Facilities like the food van in a Petworth layby that recently installed a portaloo to show their support for long distance lorry drivers is seeing the benefit of better facilities for everyone.

Show your support

Like the food van in Petworth, you too can show your support for better facilities on the road. Sign the Provide Better, Safer Rest Areas for Goods Vehicles on UK Motorways/Trunkroads petition today.